David Conover's Famous Cousins
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Ide Van Huyse (M)
Relationship=8th great-grandfather of David Kipp Conover Jr..

     Ide Van Huyse resided at at Of, Nordigen, Holland, New Neherlands. He was also known as Ide Thonise. He married Teuntje Teunis; 1st marriage Ide
2nd marrige Tuentje.

Child of Ide Van Huyse and Teuntje Teunis
Rebecca Idens+ b. 27 Feb 1662, d. c 1703

Willemke Jans (F)
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=8th great-grandmother of David Kipp Conover Jr..

     Willemke Jans was the daughter of Jan Coene. Willemke Jans married Adriaen Lamberts Smeets, son of Lambrecht Smeets and Marie Daniels, on 16 June 1647 at Tuil, Gelderland, Netherlands.

Children of Willemke Jans and Adriaen Lamberts Smeets
Christine Smith b. 21 Jun 1646, d. a 1683
Maria Ariens Lammertzen b. Dec 1647, d. 1694
Helena Adriaens+ b. 1649
Jennike Smith b. 28 Jul 1650
Jennike Smith+ b. 4 Jan 1652, d. a 16 Jun 1732
Willemke Smith b. 31 Dec 1654


David Kipp Conover
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