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Helena Forman (F)
b. 9 September 1759, d. 1784, #57975
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=2nd cousin 6 times removed of David Kipp Conover Jr..

     Helena Forman was born in 1759. She was baptized on 9 September 1759. She was the daughter of Peter Forman and Neltje Williamson. Helena Forman married Tunis Vanderveer, son of Tunis Vanderveer and Jane Honce. Helena Forman died in 1784.

Tunis Vanderveer (M)
b. 20 October 1760, d. 20 January 1835, #57976
Pop-up Pedigree
Relationship=3rd cousin 5 times removed of David Kipp Conover Jr..

     Tunis Vanderveer was also known as Teunis Vanderveer. Tunis Vanderveer was born on 20 October 1760 at Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He is the son of Tunis Vanderveer and Jane Honce. Tunis Vanderveer married Helena Forman, daughter of Peter Forman and Neltje Williamson. Tunis Vanderveer married Martha Saybrook. Tunis Vanderveer married Sarah Vanderveer, daughter of Garret Vanderveer and Jane Voorhees. Tunis Vanderveer died on 20 January 1835 at New York at age 74.

Gerritt Jansz Couwenhoven (M)
Relationship=10th great-grandfather of David Kipp Conover Jr..

     Gerritt Jansz Couwenhoven was a tenant farmer of the estate Couwenhoven in the neighborhood Ceulhorst on the Hoogland near Amersfoort, owned by the family De Wijs who were holding if from the feudal Land Lord of Montfoort. May be identical with Gerrit Jansz Couwenhoven who is mentioned in 1564 as tenant of the land of the family Van Vanelveld. Circa 1600.

Children of Gerritt Jansz Couwenhoven
not proven son Jan Couwenhoven
Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven+ b. b 1 May 1579, d. bt 2 Mar 1662 - 24 Jun 1662
Willem Gerritsz Couwenhoven b. c 1580, d. b 1622

Matthew (Unknown) (M)

     Matthew (Unknown) married Altie Jorise Brinckeroff, daughter of Joris Dirksen Brinckerhoef and Susannah Dubbels, before June 1663.

Aeltje (Unknown) (F)

     Aeltje (Unknown) married Gerret Willemse Van Kouwenhoven, son of Willem Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven and Altie Jorise Brinckeroff, before 1695.

Child of Aeltje (Unknown) and Gerret Willemse Van Kouwenhoven
Joris Covenhoven+ b. c 1695, d. 6 May 1757

Christina Janse (F)

     Christina Janse was also known as Stanche Janse. She was also known as Christintje Jans. She married Adrien Longstreet, son of Dirck Stoffelse Langstraat and Katerina Van Lieuwen, in 1707.

Children of Christina Janse and Adrien Longstreet
John Longstreet b. 13 Jan 1711/12
Derick Longstreet b. c 1713
Supposed Daugher of Adrien and Christina Johanna Longstreet b. c 1728, d. a May 1772


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