Genealogy Report (Custom) Conover UnconnectedGenealogy Report (Custom) Conover Unconnected

Descendants of (Unknown) Conover (335737)

Generation One

34. (Unknown)1 Conover (335737) was born 1822 Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Children of (Unknown)1 Conover (335737) include:

Generation Two

35. Malinda2 Conover (335702) was born 1848 Pulaski County, Kentucky; m. Zachariah Lazarus Roy (335703), son of Zachariah Roy (335705) and Elizabeth (Unknown) (335706), February 13, 1871 Russell County, Kentucky.

She and Malinda L. Conover (145474) were possibly one and the same. She and Malinda Conover (375894) were may be one and the same person. She was also known as Melinda Conover.

Zachariah Lazarus Roy (335703) was born on February 18, 1847 Faubush, Pulaski County, Kentucky. He married Marinda Combest (335704) on November 13, 1867 Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Zachariah Lazarus Roy (335703) appeared on the census of April 25, 1930 with son Jerome, District 3, Russell County, Kentucky.

Children of Malinda2 Conover (335702) and Zachariah Lazarus Roy (335703) were as follows:

Generation Three

36. William Zachariah3 Roy (335707) was born 1873 Russell County, Kentucky; m. Mary Susan Gosser (335708) June 6, 1893 Brandy County, Kentucky.

Mary Susan Gosser (335708) was born in 1873 Brandy County, Kentucky.

Children of William Zachariah3 Roy (335707) and Mary Susan Gosser (335708) were as follows:

37. Jerome P.3 Roy (335721) was born 1880 Russell County, Kentucky; m. Idonna Johnson (335722) December 13, 1904 Russell County, Kentucky.

Jerome P. Roy (335721) and Idonna Johnson (335722) appeared on the census of April 25, 1930 District 3, Russell County, Kentucky. He was a farmer on April 25, 1930.

Idonna Johnson (335722) was born in 1886 Russell County, Kentucky.

Children of Jerome P.3 Roy (335721) and Idonna Johnson (335722) were as follows:

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