Genealogy Report (Custom) Conover UnconnectedGenealogy Report (Custom) Conover Unconnected

Descendants of (Unknown) Conover (303131)

Generation One

3. (Unknown)1 Conover (303131) was born New Jersey; m. (Unknown) (Unknown) (303132).

(Unknown) (Unknown) (303132) was born New York.

Children of (Unknown)1 Conover (303131) and (Unknown) (Unknown) (303132) were:

Generation Two

4. Mary M.2 Conover (303128) was born circa 1834 Pennsylvania; m. Orad Sheldon Pond (303125), son of Orson Pond (303126) and Tryphenia Sheldon (303127).

She was also known as Mary A.

Mary M. Conover (303128) and Orad Sheldon Pond (303125) appeared on the census of 1880 Conneatville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

Orad Sheldon Pond (303125) was born on April 15, 1831 Pennsylvania. He was born on April 15, 1831 Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont. He was also known as Sheldon Pond.

Children of Mary M.2 Conover (303128) and Orad Sheldon Pond (303125) were:

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