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Descendants of Marta Cowenhoven (158633)

Generation One

1035. Marta1 Cowenhoven (158633).

Children of Marta1 Cowenhoven (158633) include:

Generation Two

1036. Jannetje2 Cowenhoven (158629) was born April 26, 1760 Monmouth County, New Jersey; she was born April 26, 1769; m. Abraham Golden (158628), son of Joseph Golden (158620) and Mary Johnson (158621), November 25, 1779; m. Joseph Goodenough (158630), son of Samuel Goodenow (158635) and Catherine Lippett (158636), November 19, 1797; d. September 14, 1808 at age 39; d. September 14, 1808 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey, at age 39; d. September 15, 1808 Monmouth County, New Jersey, at age 39; bur. Golden burial ground, Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

She is possibly Janitje Cowenhoven Bap. Freehold and Middleton Church May 25 1760. The daughter of Martyn Cowenhoven and Willemjje Cowenhoven. IGI. She and Jane Conover (3093) were possibly one and the same. She was also known as Poss Jane Gifford. She was also known as Jane Conover.

Abraham Golden (158628) was born on February 6, 1755; calculated. He died on August 26, 1790 at age 35.

Children of Jannetje2 Cowenhoven (158629) and Abraham Golden (158628) were as follows:

Joseph Goodenough (158630) was born on February 27, 1759 Monmouth County, New Jersey. He died before 1838 Howell Twp., Monmouth County, New Jersey. He was also known as Joseph Goodenow. He Revolutionary War: Cpl., 1st Battalion, Monmouth County Militia (unableto prove) Fought at Navesink Highlands; taken prisoner to New York 13 Feb. 1777(DAR Patriot Register). He was a farmer and Justice of the Peace Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. "Lippett-Goodnough Family Bible Record," The Genealogical Magazine of NewJersey, Vol. 27, pp. 21-24

DAR Patriot Index, Vol. II, p. 85.

1793: Member of Middletown Dist. militia

Monmouth County Real Estate Records

Grantee Deeds:

20 Aug. 1805 From Andrew ÐVì*7*O♠Winter (P-288) -- $1,385, North side ManasquanRiver

21 May 1812 From Joseph Goodenough, Jr. (V-296) -- $900, ManasquanRiver, Howell Twp.

4 Dec. 1817 From Peter Cook (A2-356) -- $100, "Yellow Brook" atManasquan River, Howell Twp.

26 Jul. 1820 ÐVì*7*O♠ From William Patterson (C2-218) -- $117.50, South sideManasquan River, Howell Twp.

24 Apr. 1822 From James Boude (E2-348) -- $230, Howell Twp.

25 Jan. 1825 From Joel Morris (I2-186) -- $600, Timber Swamp

and many more, which could be Joseph ÐVì*7*O♠Jr.

Grantor Deeds:

16 Dec. 1811 To Joseph Goodenough, Jr. (V-66) -- $1,300, Squancom,Howell Twp.

17 Mar. 1812 (with wife Jane and Joseph Jr.) To Hance Herbert (V-145) --$40, Howell Twp.

17 Nov. 1836 To David Lippencott (O3-420) -- This coulÐVì*7*O♠d be Joseph Jr.;no signature

28 Apr. 1840 To Joseph White -- Joseph Jr. signs as "Trustee."

Children of Jannetje2 Cowenhoven (158629) and Joseph Goodenough (158630) were:

Generation Three

1037. Mathias A.3 Golden (3245) was born October 1, 1780; m. Catherine Van Mater (3244), daughter of Cyrenius Van Mater (3228) and Jacoba Covenhoven (1145), June 24, 1802 Monmouth County, New Jersey; d. October 20, 1859 at age 79.

Catherine Van Mater (3244) was born on September 16, 1783. She was baptized on December 7, 1783 Dutch Reformed Church, Freehold-Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. She died on April 24, 1831 at age 47.

Children of Mathias A.3 Golden (3245) and Catherine Van Mater (3244) were as follows:

1038. Abraham3 Goodenough (158631) was born March 14, 1799 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey; m. Mary Brown (158634), daughter of Ezekiel Brown (339100) and Sarah Ann Barkalow (339101), November 29, 1819 Monmouth County, New Jersey; d. circa 1838 Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Monmouth County Real Estate Records*Grantee Deed: 17 Oct. 1822 From Edward Allen (F2-170) -- $140, UpperFreehold*Grantor Deed: 25 Apr. 1828 (With Mary) to Richard Robbins (Q2-146) --$80, Upper Freehold**Marriage record: Gibson, George & Florence, Marriages of Monmouth Co.,NJ 1795-1843, p. 41**Mentioned in Will of father-in-law, Ezekiel Brown:*". . . all the real & personal Estate to [be] equally divided amongst mydear beloved children share & share alike except Mary Goodnuff, ÐVì*7*f♣mydaughter, she cannot have her share while she lives with AbrahamGoodnuff, but is to be relieved [?] in time necessity [?] at thediscretion of the Executors."**Margaret Goodenough Oliphant: "Abraham was a tailor by trade. EzekielBrown, my grÐVì*7*f♣eat grandfather, the father of Mary Brown Goodenough, mygrandmother, disinherited his daughter, Mary, for clinging to her husbandAbraham Goodenough, who periodically was addicted to drinking licquor andwhen under its influence was evidently abuÐVì*7*f♣sive, which her father wasbitterly opposed to. But Mary Brown lived with her husband until hispassing and 9 [or 8?] children blessed their union. However, to manhoodand womanhood all had a character of sterling excellence. Mary BrowngoodenouÐVì*7*f♣gh discharged her difficult task admirably in raising thosechildren.* "Of those 9 children, 7 grew up to manhood and womanhood and married.There is no more noble and beautiful character than Mary BrownGoodenough, an exceptionally good, loving ÐVì*7*f♣mother." He was also known as Abraham Goodenow.

Mary Brown (158634) was born on December 8, 1799 Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. She died on November 28, 1881 Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey, at age 81. She died on November 28, 1881 Burlington County, New Jersey, at age 81. She was buried Baptist Church Grounds, Moorestown, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Mary Brown (158634) appeared on the census of 1840 Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey; Listed as widow on census at Upper Freehold, Monmouth, NJ, 1M<5, 1 M15-20, 1F10-15, 1F15-20, and 1F40-50*Monmouth County Real Estate Records*Grantee Deed: 22 Apr. 1851 "Mary S. Goodenough" (Q-293) -- $15, landin Howell Twp.*No Grantor Deed*1860: Listed as "Mary Goodnough", age 60, b NJ, in household ofJoseph and (daughter) Jane Dumphy*1880: Listed on census as "grandmother" living with (son) WilliamGoodenough, Mt. Laurel.

Children of Abraham3 Goodenough (158631) and Mary Brown (158634) were as follows:

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